About Me

About Me

My name is Damone Sims, and I’m an idealist. In the past year or two I’ve started developing my writing skills into writing short stories and comic books. Years before that I started writing a book entitled, “The Tall Man’s Twisted Forest.” The story focuses on a homicide detective who is investigating myth/urban legend Slender Man.


“The Tall Man’s Twisted Forest”

In the future, this book is what I’ll be remembered for when I’m dead. That is how much faith I have in my future book. The book’s synopsis is a lawyer to be is turned homicide detective in an unfortunate turn of events when his mother is murdered. However, the killer is no man, but a myth by the name of the Slender Man. My writing still is inspired by author James Patterson. I try to mimic his short sentences for building suspense and typically short chapters, but I also add my own techniques. The interpretation of Slender Man was derived from a YouTube channel with moniker, Marble Hornets. Remaining true to some of the actual mythology, my Slender Man can grow and stretch, has extra tendrils/appendages protruding from back, has a suit, and is tall. His powers include teleportation and something called “slender-sickness”. “Slender-sickness” can cause the victim to become insane, hallucinate, and/or have severe amnesia. Slender Man is derived from ancient German and even Japanese folklore, who portrayed him as a humanoid creature with a tall, slender body and long arms. Occasionally, he had tentacles. I’ve inserted a link in the subtitle for the prologue of my book.


All-New Nacho Man #1

Damone Sims is a typical, geeky, comic book enthusiast. After enjoying a favorite entrée of his at a local Taco Bell, a meteor crashes near his home. An ominous and pulsating glow emits from the meteor. It seems alive. Like a dumbass, Damone touches it and passes out. Upon waking up, he learns that he is infected with alien parasite that somewhat fused the cheese-like substance from a Nacho Bell Grande with his body composition. Remembering that he wrote the original Nacho Man comics in his youth, Damone sets out to become the very hero he created.


In conclusion, that is what I do. I’m a very creative and talented individual. Also, I have several projects I am currently interested in. If you are a publisher or a an author interested in my book please contact me at author.damonesims@gmail.com. I am really passionate about my book, and I am seeking professional attention.



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