Love is a Powerful Thing (Short Story)

Love is a powerful thing.

There once was a man named David. David was normal guy of average features and mild personality. A “plain Jane” of sorts. However, David was excellent at persuading people. He’d be able to persuade people to just about anything he wanted. Whomever David encountered, he had them curled around his finger. Then, there came Sarah. Sarah was a beautiful girl with brunette hair and a nice smile. David had a huge crush on her. To David’s misfortune, Sarah didn’t know he even existed, for she was liked a jock by the name of Frank. Frank was was a strong, arrogant guy with bad intentions when it came to girls. David wasn’t going to let the girl of his dreams fall victim to some moron. Hell, he masturbated to her nearly every night that had to count for something, right? David figured he could persuade David to letting go of going out with Sarah. He’d failed miserably, and to top it off Frank broke his nose. David was gonna get him back, along with Sarah too.

In the following weeks David began to stalk Frank. Both to and from school. After a month, he knew where Frank lived, ate, and even worked out. Saturday was the day liked to work out at the gym. Plus, the alley where he liked to smoke afterwards. David got up early one Saturday morning, packed a change of clothes, and went to Frank’s favorite gym. David’s sweaty palm clenched the kitchen knife he’d stolen from home with a knuckle-whitening grip. The puffs of his breath, visible in the cool November air, seemed to physically represent the fear that was emanating from him. The fear was soon replaced by hate. No longer should his crush only be a wet dream. David saw how Frank treated Sarah in school. She would swoon and gush over the cocky slab of meat, and Frank would just ignore her. David was disgusted by how that moron treated his Sarah. She needed a man that would treat her with respect and loyalty. That and he’d already gotten his nose broken by Frank. Fuck Frank, he deserved to die. Frank walked out of the gym sweating with self-confidence, grinning at his bulging masculinity. Frank began to walk. David to stalk Frank again for the final time. The jock was pursued to the alley he liked to smoke. David tugged the strings on his sweatshirt tight enough that the hood engulfed most of his face. Quieter than the air around him, David got behind Frank and clasp his left hand around the victim’s mouth with with unholy strength. Then, ferociously, David sodomized a stunned Frank with the blade of the knife. And David did it again. And again. And again. Repeatedly, until David was sure whatever is left of the now dead jock’s anus was nothing more than shredded flesh.  To his surprise, the sick bastard actually came. In reference to David of course, since Frank is now a partially mutilated corpse that reeked of fear, blood, and piss. David retracted his knife from the lifeless flesh and buried his peer in a nearby dumpster. Pleased with his work, David dumped his bloodied clothes and headed home. He was eager to comfort his sweet Sarah the day after next. Love is a powerful thing.


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